September 26, 2012

Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

This is where it all began, September 2011.
Co-founder, Deanna Allison and I brainstormed the possibilities of
starting a new business.  Working together for two and a half years,

we presented a multitude of workshops all across Texas.
Today, Dazzle on a Dime is a sole proprietor limited liability company still
offering a wide variety of workshops primarily in Math and Gifted Education.


  I want to share a fun idea for Halloween. 
My daughter brought me a picture and asked if I could make these unique
costumes for her business team at work.  I must admit the "paper", "rock", "scissors"
idea was pretty funny considering these three gals really do make some fairly
important decision for a VERY BIG corporation.

I used paper machete for the "rock".  I covered two large balloons, wrapping them
together and adding wads of newspaper to give it an uneven look.  The "paper"
was a simple chart tablet with a front and back piece connected by ribbons
to drape over the shoulders.  The "scissors" were made from foam board and
covered with special silver poster paper that a friend gave me. 
The "scissors" have a wide ribbon attached to comfortably drape it over the head. 
The girls wore headbands with the "paper, rock, scissors"
titles cut out with my cricuit software. 
I must say, they were a big hit at work that day!