August 8, 2015

4 More Thinking Strategies to Entice our Students to Think Critically

I am excited to share the third set of task cards showing 4 additional thinking strategies from my collection of 45 iDazzle Thinking Apps.  These 45 Thinking Strategies are proven to be effective in all 4 core subject areas and in grades K-12.  Download your copy HERE

This is a fun example of how I have taught the Data App.  Without any explanation, I like to ask the participants in my workshop to use a sticky note to indicate which simple machines they used the previous day.  Below is the slide shown on the PowerPoint.

The teachers usually place one or two sticky notes in the appropriate spot of the chart paper to indicate which simple machine they used.  The sticky notes are placed one on top of another in order to resemble a bar graph.  Then I figure the percentage of how many used each of the six simple machines yesterday.  Below is the results of a recent workshop.

In this case, there were 28% of the teachers had used an inclined plane the day before, 31% used a wedge and only 22% used a screw.  16% used a pulley, 28% used a lever and 84% used a wheel and axle.  Now, its time for some fun!!!!   I switch the presentation to this slide:
I give them a moment to look over the many simple machines in our everyday life and then explain that only 28% of the people in the room flushed the toilet yesterday.  16% didn't wash their hands using a water faucet.  After a bit of laughter, I emphasize that the BIG IDEA to our activity is that some DATA we collect may not be accurate and perhaps needs a second look.
Collecting, organizing, and analyzing data is an important skill for our students to master.  There are so many thought-provoking tasks that can occur during the process.  I hope you enjoy collecting all 45 task cards and encourage your students to think creatively and critically along the way.

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