August 2, 2015

I'm Participating in the Tried and True Linky Party

As a new blogger, I thought it would be great to participate with an innovative group of teachers offering "tried and true" activities and tips for the first day of school.

My favorite "tried and true" activity for the first day is to play a fun, interactive, trivia game.
The true and false quiz will feel more like a game as students "whip-around" to compare their answer with their partner's answer choice.  The room fills with excitement as students pair up and get their brains energized.  They aren't expected to know the answer but learning the information in a brain activated way is so much fun.  Besides, those active bodies are up, moving around and getting to interact with new friends. How fun is that?

 Click HERE to check out the preview.

The best part of this activity, is that you will engage in a brain-break teaching activity which you can adapt and use over and over to help hook your students into the content you are about to introduce as the school year continues.  You've laid the foundation for engagement throughout the year!

As an introduction or exit activity to content driven lessons, three or four questions are sufficient to arouse student curiosity.  Once they know how to play, it's quick and easy to get a short assessment of a student's new knowledge and understanding.

This set of  trivia activities will fill approximately 20 minutes in three different settings as students learn interesting facts they are eager to share or discuss with others.  It sets the stage for year-long content-driven fun!


  1. I bet the kids love it!

  2. Great idea! Trivia games are so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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